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Single - 'No Limits'

Australian indie-pop music artist Holly Wild releases her sophomore single, No Limits. From the reflective tones of the verses to the huge chorus hook, No Limits is a rousing reaffirmation about self-belief, big dreams and shattering negative personas as a means of exploring the potential that’s in all of us. Featuring the unmistakable cadences of Holly’s rich vocal, No Limits transforms from sensitive contemporary folk to all-out pop smash without ever deviating from the mesmerising spirit of the track. Holly says about the origins of No Limits, ‘I realised that if we had the ability to delve into our past and shed all the preconceived ideas we had of ourselves, ideas that might be holding us back, our potential could be endless.’ And the potential for No Limits to exceed all limits is undoubtedly endless. A radio no-brainer and a streaming sensation waiting to happen, No Limits is an amalgamation of heart and an uplifting soul, an emotionally supercharged artistic vision channelling personal issues into a recognisable, universal theme. And the result: an unequivocal indie-pop smash. No Limits is at radio today and available to download now.


Singer Songwriter Holly Wild, is making music with an honest edge and optimistic tone that makes you want to sing loudly, with the wind in your hair, from your driver’s seat.   There is an emotional earthy quality that harkens to Maggie Rogers and Leon, fusing contemporary folk with an indie pop feel.


Singer Songwriter Holly Wild, embodies the optimism of a warm Sydney summer afternoon.  Her effervescence and charisma make you want to believe anything is possible.  Holly’s upcoming debut EP, ‘Wild’, is intimate and close, and her lyrics aren’t afraid to show a transparent heart and a sublime soul.  The 5 track EP produced by Jon Buschema and Cari Cole, is sonically decorated with a blending of big acoustic and electronic drum hits, guitar rhythms driving the music.  Featuring the unmistakable cadences of Holly’s indelible vocal, across the vivid harmony laden landscape, her music has a way of transforming from sensitive contemporary folk to an all out, expansive pop smash without deviating from the mesmerising spirit of the song.


Holly’s love of adventure and her desire to explore far away places and the road less travelled, has left her driven to pursue music as a means of universal communication.  Having lived in the US, Europe and Australia… she is always chasing new experiences.  You can hear this in her music, with a rich variety of sound across the songs in her upcoming EP.


Holly feels empowered by the sort of emotional connectivity that her songs can create, and she values the art of storytelling through her music.  If you listen carefully, you can hear the echo of carefree summer days spent in Australia, or you might hear the influence of the folk hero’s from her childhood, or the rock bands of her adolescence or the dance music of her misspent youth.  These vast influences all merge together as though they were meant to be, creating her own hypnotically evocative sound and style.